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i fucking love enders game

deb took like three quarters of the movie to realise that’s his name lawlz

this triple shot latte is making me sleepy w h y 

i think it’s pretty funny when people try to give me a hard time. also hilarious when people try to pull rank on me like ? ??? ? do i give a fuck ?? (no)

there was this staff on the phone with me who actually asked ‘are you someone senior’ and i said ‘no’ and she proceeded to raise her voice by twenty times to scold me for something that wasn’t related to me like HAHAHAHAHA WOMAN NO JUST HELL NO HAHAHA

what goes up must come down

(eminem is pretty dope)

(so are a select few songs of lawson)

wore jeans twice this week!! have not worn jeans in a very very long time haha but snagged this pair of mint jeans for fifteen bucks and it’s gorgeous!! need to go jeans shopping again though cuz i need a few more for winter :/ (shanghai is approaching zero degrees soon ggxx) (beijing has already gone into subzero ggxxggxxggxx) (idk what’s that other city is called but it’s not that far up north so it can’t be that bad… right?)

dinner at fav shanghainese restaurant on wednesday was nice :)) dad snapped a really pretty pic of the street we were on so i koped it and posted it on insta HAHA oops. i’m on insta too much ): 

visited jem on sunday! like finally. it’s like a condensed version of ion wisma and jurong point. also i’ve come to realise that topshop is only good for its nail polish like everything else is so overpriced ):

a lot of what jennifer lawrence says is very accurate i like her

'everyone keeps asking me if i feel this huge amount of pressure so now i'm starting to feel a huge amount of pressure that i should feel a huge amount of pressure'

facebook is getting on my nerves ‘harmless fun’ it’s not.

ran into yp outside starbucks the other day! and then i realised i’ve never really had a proper conversation with him haha oops. but yaye finally found someone in bishan whom i can have dinner with hehe :> 

haven’t talked to you for like more than a week i am not okay with this ):

'my thoughts are stars i can't fathom into constellations' (?)

'what should a story seek to emulate, augustus?'

'keep your shit together'

as you can probably tell i’m reading the fault in our stars while occasionally looking up to check on my social media every few pages so this entry is taking really long (actually it’s been three hours since i’d started on this post)

i feel like i need to start using my brain again like i haven’t done anything vaguely academic since sats and it’s kinda worrying me but at the same time idk where to get started (maybe i should just stroll into utown and call up s lololol)

i haven’t been sick in so long this feeling is kind of foreign yet familiar

time to go to bed to sleep it off

16 Nov 2013

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identifying with

nus it is i guess

i haven’t been around rafflesians for so long i’ve almost forgotten how it’s like. not that it’s better or worse haha it’s just different. 

seeing all the ambassador posts on fb and wishing i were younger so that i could have taken up the nomination ): 

haven’t done much the past week! love my new bag though haha it’s pretty :) birthday dinner at ding tai fung was good too :) 

went to utown on monday to have dinner with yufei ^_^ cheryl was there too hehe anyway it was pretty interesting, looking around the place and all. so many familiar faces! also ran into sandeep who offered me his notes woohoo :> can’t wait till i get my hands on them :>

passed by a lot of places on the way back hmm i miss those places

had astons with gladys on tuesday and went to sb to meet her friend who turned out to be a senior from ri heh that was pretty cool. he also assumed i was her junior and that i was like 140cm (not cool dude not cool) but he was funny so it’s fine HAHA :>

dinner with hc at udders on friday wheeee birthday treats ^_^ durian puffs from the bakery were awesome too :> also checked my sat II results which apparently came out on the 24th (oops) and they were pretty good haha didn’t expect such good results (mainly bcos i didn’t exactly study for them) but yea it was a pleasant surprise :)

five more weeks at work and i’m done omg can’t wait for dec :> :>

i miss australia )): i forgot the name of the place in nsw that we went to that day for lunch URGH i just remember it was right across the qld-nsw border and it was the prettiest place i’d ever seen haha i’ll find it one day!!

time to do laundry ._.

28 Oct 2013

still eighteen

today’s the last day that i’m officially eighteen ): i’m gonna miss saying i’m eighteen haha it’s such a nice number! also going into the last year of my teens ahhhhhh i’m not liking this one bit

work is useful haha everyday i discover and learn lots of new things (like how amazingly high my tolerance level is) (last service job ever)

went out with cheryl and deb last friday haha i’ve missed being around people my age!! dinner was at this little cafe in taka that i discovered called domani hehe so cute :> had mushroom soup and margherita pizza and bbq pork ribs and seafood spaghetti which were not bad :)) then cheryl came and we went for ice cream at pomo, i forgot the exact name of the ice cream place whoops heh i thought it was really cute that they had this bookshelf full of nice books :) ran into merr when going home but i completely didn’t recognised him LOL to think of it i haven’t seen him since he enlisted!!!!! so yea he’s like black now and a lot skinnier ._. and with less hair HAHA

got treated by gladys last monday to pizza as an early birthday treat :> i ate like 3/4 of the pizza …. 8D 

i love my new black jacket it’s so soft and thick and lovely and pretty ^.^ the rainbow coloured one is so fluffy HAHA it’s perfect to sleep in!!

npre at uiuc/es at nus

chocolate craving has gotten so bad lately ): i’m gonna be broke soon HAHA. okay not technically but yea basically i can feel the diarrhea coming but i need chocolate ): also cos my tooth at the back’s coming out (wisdom tooth??) and spreading melted chocolate with my tongue over that area makes it feel better lololol okay i bet this is tmi

life is really boring now anyways i stalked myself on fb to like mid j1 days and k got pretty freaked out lololol. serious case of nostalgia too i was just looking through our batch blog and i miss band so much haha we had so much fun

i guess that was happiness but i didn’t know better

18 Oct 2013


Thank you guys for all the craziness ♥♥

omg :’)


Thank you guys for all the craziness 

omg :’)


. by Häre Christian on Flickr.

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no sleep no nightmares

sats this saturday and i have never felt so unprepared hahaha i mean it’s not like i didn’t prepare at all (i do tutor kids on the subjects i’m taking and i think it’s a pretty good way of studying) it’s just :/ i don’t even know where the feeling comes from. not really pressured though because this test doesn’t really affect my university choice(s) much so yay for me :) i mean i’ve pretty much made up my mind about where i’m going already

i wanna fly so damn badly someone buy a ticket for me ):

drunk texts amuse me so much LOL

i hate that you’re appearing in my dreams again hate hate hate it took me pretty damn long to stop having those

days are blurring again and i don’t really like how work is such a huge commitment. i mean i like being occupied and busy and be out and about but i hate routine. get what i mean? nevermind.

two consecutive meals and a movie with k was pretty fun hahaha running around in the rain trying to find the train station

oh there was dinner at jcube too

randomly met cher and two of her law school friends at j8 which was also pretty fun and that was after an all nighter so i kinda dozed off while walking home from j8 hahahahaha

wee came over the other day. (how many times will it take for me to get it right)

i don’t even know why i do some things when i know i’ll feel shitty about myself afterwards

zyn and halynne and yihui all left ):

i can’t wait for the days where i can sleep in till noon and go out with friends just chill without having to worry about waking up early the next morning (i sound like my life revolves around eating and sleeping) (which might be pretty true)

also just a passing thought, i wanna be a mentor with gla at least once hahaha i miss sitting around in grupitos and talking with sara or lounging around the dining area reading ishmael

i started writing this like two hours ago and i think it’s about time i face it that i have zero inspiration to write at the moment hahaha i should sleep now. late for work is definitely not a good thing (tgif!) (oh shit sats) (also hurray for october :D )

4 Oct 2013


today was the most stressful day of work so far and the day that i made the most mistakes and it was also the most fun day of work so far :)

day started off with me printing and photocopying the wrong things and ended up having to write so many memos over and over again hahaha whoops! then there was me forgetting to register patients or registering some people twice whoops x2. then there was also me having to keep running in and out of the doctor’s room because i kept forgetting where i had to paste the stickers or stamp the doctor’s name.

most epic mistake of the day was when the doc told me to accompany this patient (t) down to the OT place but t has already been to the OT place so i just blurrily went down with him, with both of us wondering out loud why the doc thought it was necessary to bring him down and laughing over how blur i am. then when i got back to the clinic i found this memo written by the doc that was meant for the therapist which was why i was supposed to go down with him *sigh* so i took the memo and went down and passed it to the therapist and t just started laughing at me *sighhhhh*

but then it was also a fun day because i finally (somewhat) set up the clinic on my own in the morning! and it was a relatively slow morning so everyone was in a good mood and no one had any monday blues :) seemed like it to me anyway haha! and then when we were calling patients most of our calls got answered so we finished lots of stuff yay! there was also the audit thing which was quite funny haha i basically had to learn things that i’m supposed to know to be working there so that when the people doing the audit come and test me i’ll know them so they taught me things like the seven steps of hand washing and the five instances for hand washing and the mission and vision of the place (or something like that) lololol pop quiz!! i think another nice thing is when the patients who have only seen you like once or twice recognise you and say hi (like t!) haha i’m really glad that i’m in a really small clinic so you always see old faces (although that means no lunch buddies ): oh wells) also the doc was in a good mood today so that was good too hahahaha :)

today was also a good day because i had beancurd and found a new nice bakery (HAHA YJ) with nice egg tarts and nice durian puffs :))))

9 Sep 2013