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U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

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"You never get over it. But you get to where it doesn’t bother you so much."

- The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (via emilywantshappiness)

(via emilywantshappiness)

oh how i wonder/wander

why are people still visiting this blog it’s been dead for AGES hahaha i haven’t properly posted in three months oh dear

the boy is in essen without wifi LIFE SUCKS #firstworldproblems

work has been kind :) but can’t wait to start school stuff in a week haha woohoo! not sure how i’m gonna find the time to work after school starts but i really can’t bear to leave the place ): but then again apparently lots of people that i’m close to are leaving the place too so :x sigh life moves on so fast

been checking my mail more than facebook for updates is that a sign of growing up hahahaha. also i think worrying for something bigger than yourself is… humbling.

feel like i should be saying more after a 3 month hiatus but… i really can’t think of anything that needs to be updated ._. HAHA i have no life seriously it’s work everyday for me with the occasional friends

OH that reminds me bryan is back from US haha so we had a 6R reunion of course we have reunions for everything. how is it that we are even so close i don’t understand cos we have so little in common. mega thanks to mr goh i think he was the reason we started going out in the first place and that habit just stuck? like he was always demanding for our outings then not coming along with us last minute. every. single. time. coming to think of it, maybe it was just some grand plan of his to make sure that we stay close for a lifetime HAHA cos it definitely feels like it’s gonna stay that way. i mean we have boys in ns and girls studying overseas and everything and we still manage to have meet ups. can’t think of anything that’ll stop us from having reunions after we start working and having families and everything. like seriously. 

okay looking too far into the future lets come back to the reason i’m writing this shit at one forty in the morning.

……..i have no idea why i’m writing this shit at one forty in the morning

why doesn’t he have wifi in essen sobz

on a side note, possible JC class reunion happening soon yay

europe europe europe what happened to spain plans!!!!

9 June 2014

okay this is freaking ridiculously i’ve been dreaming of the same freaking thing like twenty times and everytime the same thing happens in a different way like i wouldn’t even see it coming and if it’s a reflection of what i’m truly afraid of then :/ when did i get so attached


hello world ahahahaha back from the dead

haven’t updated in two months ++ omg but my life is super boring anyway

am updating because i’m doing uni apps now and it’s making me so frustrated so i have like three tabs sitting on my chrome waiting for me to click the ‘apply now’ buttons for ntu and smu and i think of all the stuff that i had to enter for the nus app and i’m like nahhhhh maybe later so here i am (half hoping the app will just miraculously do itself)


went for lunch with hc today hahaha quote of the day: why is only the left side of your hair growing 



pasta was good hehe satisfied my pasta craving yayyyyy

i’ve also been working at koi since the last week of january, more specifically at the clementi branch so pls do visit me work gets boring at times (like in the morning when one customer comes by maybe every five minutes). will be working there full time till uni starts so i’ve still got a longgggg time (:(

hmm what else have i been doing

visited jiayi and others at the ntu cp competition at the beginning of jan haha watching cp is really quite fun (i wouldn’t want to play though… the thought of capsizing freezes me)

watched smu’s samba masala concert a couple of weeks ago with deb haha it was not bad :) one of a kind concert!

on a side note i think my legs are getting thicker from standing all day HAHAHA while my arms are getting skinnier oops (like i’d rather be fat than disproportionate damn)

maybe i’ll clean up the room and bathe and get dinner and then start on uni apps okay bye x

9 Mar 2014

december part ii

two posts in a row? you didn’t see this coming did you

yep neither did i

okay anyway arrived in shanghai on the morning of 19th, dropped off majority of our luggage at home, and took the bullet train straight away to wenling where we settled into the uncle’s house and had our usual steamboat dinner (the wine was SO GOOD). also realised we had wifi there so that was great. most of our days were just spent having meals with the very huge extended family and getting stuffed by them because we are apparently too skinny ._. got to spend two nights with the cousin at the arcade (plus very long history lessons LOL) & we won so much stuff the first night! (ice cream and jelly and drinks and more haha)

guess how many tries my bro took to get this for me :D 


this thing is too damn cute.


we also went to pick pomelos and giant oranges and tried to fish but it was too cold to fish so no go

spent a night in shanghai before flying off to beijing where it was freezing omg we went from 12 degrees in wenling to 6 degrees in shanghai to -9 degrees in beijing (in celcius) aaaaand i basically froze over.

stayed at this hotel called redwall hotel right beside the palace museum and let me just warn you guys that if you ever stay there, do not sign up for tours/shows/performances introduced by the staff there because they will bloody rip you off for being foreigners. just rent a cab/car/minivan for the day so that you can go wherever you want and won’t have to stay in shops for 3 hours (it’s apparently stipulated as part of the tour) (the shops basically scam you of money with goods worth a tenth of their price). i quote the tour guide “oh you were charged so high? i’m so sorry, they must have mistaken you for foreigners” way to go buddy! so yea.

anyway beijing; the scenery at the great wall’s really gorgeous! so many singaporeans that day on there haha heard a mom going after her son “eh tie your shoelaces first!! loose already!!” but the son was like 10 steps ahead of her and long gone already heh. 

also went on the ice on the lake at the something something garden woohoo

imageapparently all my other pics are too large to be upload hmph. but this is still mega cool!!

helped translate directions to tourists i feel like such a nice person (which i’m not) (ahahahaha)

had a dinner with dad’s uni classmates who are working in beijing right now and it was fun hahaha they were recounting funny moments in school and arguing which canteen foods were better etc. and of all the three girls i kenna the worst qn sigh (are you attached) (like whut) (no) and i accidentally used dialect in front of them cos i forgot we were at beijing not shanghai oops. 

last dinner in beijing was in this place called quan ju de which is supposedly famous for its roast duck (i mean everyone’s heard of peking’s roast duck right) but it was mehhh haha i think our south-eastern china taste is quite different from northern china taste sigh.

and that dinner was also when it started going downhill like why can’t we just spend two weeks in peace. two weeks. in the restaurant. in the hotel lobby. in our rooms. on the flight back to shanghai. back at shanghai. it was like a continuous string of background noise that i tried very hard to dampen but failed spectacularly.

and you have the nerve to tell me on the phone that i was ‘adding oil to the fire’ like fuck you this was supposed to be your job. you were supposed to be the peacemaker and guess what, the peacemaker decided to turn into a third party so now i have to sort out this mess that you left behind, and you have the nerve to happily add to the mess while blaming me for it. are you fucking done.

why must the children bear the consequences of mistakes their parents/ grandparents made 22 years ago

twenty-fucking-two whoopeedeedoop

had very spicy korean rice cake + kimchi in shanghai at food republic under carrefour! also found a secret recipe outlet there where chocolate banana cake goes for 5sgd a slice so we got two :) the pizza/spaghetti place was good too like the food was decent and extremely cheap but i felt like slapping the waitress haha welp. last meal in shanghai was at the eatery across the street as per tradition again! 

imagelook what else we got HAHA

okay story. cos nook’s old toy (the exact one we got at the arcade at wenling) is too old and has retired, this one is gonna be replacing it so i had to get another one for myself right?? and we happened to walk past this roadside store while otw to dinner one night and saw this so i just bought it :> anyway the bigger size suits me better cos it’s the same size as my bolster HAHA. and meanwhile before i said goodbye to husky i’ll just have to take more selfies with it :))

imagebecause it’s TOO GORGEOUS

and also because i was photogenic for like five minutes yesterday so just let me have my fun okay

(i don’t even know why like i hadn’t bathed since beijing. that was like CHRISTMAS)

imageokay okay i’m done HAHA

imagesunrise on the way to pudong intl airport

managed to squeeze husky into my luggage cos the bro didn’t want to carry either one in public hahahaha

imagereally really relieved to be back

first meal back here was black carrot cake and chawanmushi hahaha it’s such a weird combination but it was good (i miss having airport food three days in a row)

counted and realised that i took a grand total of 14 flights last year (2013) haha #record

first night here was so uncomfortable urgh stop acting like a weakling you fucking troublemaker

guess i should grab some sleep now hmm kinda excited for dinner later with zyn and hc!! (guess who’s lightbulbing LOL moi) also excited for lunch tmr and all the outings the week after hAha i actually sound like i have a social life (iDonut)

it’s also time to start mugging for uni oh no (i will start next week!!) (promise!!)

3 Jan 2014

december part i

it’s 0354 and i’ve been lying on my bed for the past two hours with no intentions of falling asleep whatever so

might as well update my blog right

can’t remember much of what happened in the first two weeks of december oops. it was pretty much concert clubbing go out go out go out walk dogs (not mine) (but damn cute) go out go out 

okay i’ll try to remember haha um.

so there was bandemonium on 6 dec and it was pretty good. it went well i guess. so glad i got to see my hornies :)

imagemy lovely rg juniors hehe

imageand my lovely (horny) section :)

headed to zouk after that to pass gladys her starbucks drink (from me with love!!) and for b’s bday party. well not exactly but it was a celebration party anyway (for some people’s bdays and post exams and wtv) and it was unexpectedly fun (cos the last clubbing experience did not go well) so it was a good night well spent :) only have one single photo from that night but i think it’d be unwise to upload it LOL. spent half the night drinking (or more accurately, getting tricked into drinking) and half the night outside talking and BAM i made new friends just like that. hooray for me breaking out of my reclusive lifestyle!

we ended at like 5 am and waited for cabs at the curb (while b and yc run back and forth to flag cabs down) and that was somehow the best part of the night (even with the others passing around cigs)

reached home at 6
sent out the regular i’m home texts
fell asleep for 13 hours

b was pretty confused when i said the night was fun hahahaha (he’s a sneaky mf)

can’t rmb when did cr and i started going out but there was udders and dinner at simpang (that was with b and dan) and n&n and those were pretty fun.

-oh hey look my skin’s all flaking off-

oooh met edwin on 13th (the friday!) and i can’t even rmb what we were meeting for but we had lunch at watami and finally satisfied my month-long watami craving! i think we shopped a bit for his wallet and my jeans but it was a completely failed shopping attempt ahahaha and he had to go off to meet his bro/arnold/mom/ican’trmbwho and i was meeting cheryl & deb so our day ended pretty quickly but it was still a very fun 2 short hours hahaha

continued shopping with cheryl and deb for xmas stuff haha i miss spending time with girls!! got ice-cream from cold stone cos ice-cream is the best thing that ever happened to mankind and we had one of our productive discussions about relationships and such (i am not relationship material lol). i need to realise that not everyone has to be read. and people need to stop interfering in other people’s relationships ffs (jesusfuckingchristmylord) (thankyoumonkey). had dinner from the taka basement and their food is awesome :) i confess to gossiping about things that i should not have gossiped about.

shopped at orchard for like 20mins on 17th cos i still hadn’t gotten scarves/beanies yet but anyway after i was done cr and i were just like now what hahaha so he got me the drink that i won :> and i nearly got abducted to p’s house (that’d have been so fucking weird). thank god he had more sense than that but then i left stitch on his car (what a dunderhead). so we ended up having supper at pioneer because bored=food.

short meetup with yihui on 18th for tea!! haven’t seen that girl since she flew off to notts for law but yay she’s back :) for now at least. updated each other about life in uk & sg respectively and it wasn’t very much nor was it very long but i’m glad we had that meetup :) just one more before she flies off till summer break sigh.

also acted as nuscp-spcp messenger for the day hahahaha

imageplease pardon my looking like shit, it tends to happen on a regular basis

it’s forever raining on days that i don’t bring my raincoat -.-

went back to pack my luggage and we got to the airport sooo early (that’s right i pack on the day of my flight hashtag yolo). dinner at hk cafe as per tradition and then i went off to meet cr and dan haha they eat like pigs omg. and the convo over the phone with j lolololol. they’re a funny bunch (‘:

flight got delayed by like 3 hours so my flight in the end was even later than cr’s =.= anyway more retarded moments outside my boarding gate with cr haha i’d probably have died of boredom without him around.


and that’s mostly it for the first two weeks of december ‘13 before i flew off to china for two weeks where all the shit and the good things happened (mostly still shit). that should merit another post on its own. also not sure if i’m able to upload so many peekchas into one post at once and i don’t really wanna risk it (^this took 1.5 hours).

damn i’m hungry i think macs’ opening in about an hour

happy new year sweethearts :)

3 Jan 2014


When you are in love, you learn to love the things that you once never cared about because the person you love cares about them. This is why Christ told us that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God; when we love God we love others, we love the orphans and the widows. We love the world even when it hates us, we desire to see people healed and love restored.

You want to change the world? Then you need to start loving God in such a way that your entire world changes. That is the beauty of transformational love; it doesn’t just affect you, it affects all those around you.


- T.B. LaBerge // God, Grace and The Gospel (via blissfulbeardsdoitbest)

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I made an attempt at animation today because I’m sick and bored.


work has ended and i’m rejoicing woohoo :3 colleagues got me presents for farewell haha so nice of them! i think it’s a very girl thing to do, like to give presents for occasions.

been going back to rwinds pracs a few times haha i’ve really missed school and everything. horns was like the strongest section during recall lol we had like ten horns?? amazingly. didn’t play though cos i was quite late and there were so many horns already so i just stayed with zac they all haha kept going on about army stuff which were quite funny (kangaroo meat seriously) and went for supper with them also cos i haven’t had macs in damn long (matt kept saying that andrew is very pretty omg ahahahaha)

went out with j on sunday haha supposedly it was for shopping but we didn’t get any done ): basically walked through ion and cine but didn’t find anything ): that moment when he tried to scare me but peed himself omg. (not literally) but we got hokkaido ice cream and swensens ^_^ i don’t think there’s anyone else who has so little in common with me hahahaha why are we even friends…. he’s also a vain pot like he has so little hair but he somehow still manages to shape it into this small mohawk -.- (reminds me of my brother except that my brother wakes up with a natural mohawk it’s the funniest thing ever!) also probably the only guy who’s more scared of the cold than i am lololol 

visited saveur at far east yest with deb :) the duck confit was not bad haha potato au gratin was too creamy though. watched catching fire afterwards which was pretty awesome but extremely violent ._. my eyes were closed for like half of the time when they were in the arena haha it was so scary :x not sure if i don’t like gale the character or because he’s played by liam hemsworth. the costumes are gorgeous :O walked over to 313 for supper afterwards the xmas decorations along orchard are super pretty!! had lava cake icecream and spaghetti and it sounds a lot like a full meal but i swear it was super small portions!

i like to be alone around people. like with people i know. but not necessarily interacting them, just to be present with them. does that make sense

still not sure about friday night urgh whatever at least there’s bandemonium before that :)

nus can you just let me start applying already!!

3 Dec 2013