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#this is making me want to cry #like do you ever see this kind of shit and realize how much beauty is in the world #and how much of it you’re missing #and you just wish so much you could travel the world and live day by day experiencing new things


things are going bad but if i take a step back and count my blessings first, things don’t look that bad after all :)

hall is great haha i have friends and food 24/7 and maybe that’s all that matters

and have i mentioned friends. friends are a blessing and i have literally never been more thankful for the fact that i have friends. like they just brought the meaning of friends to a new level okay. how they support you when you mess up something. how they support you when others mess up something and you have to tank it. how they support you when the odds are against you. how they support you when you’re wasted and shit. i don’t see any reason they have to be there for me and i have no idea why they’re still there for me but i’m just glad that they are :> and no matter how shitty the first four weeks of uni have been, i’m glad that they showed me what friendship can be.

on a brighter note, i completed and handed in my first assignment as well as passed my first quiz in college (without studying for it) and may i just add that i’m mighty proud of myself (‘: (oh i also asked my first question in physics tutorial today #achievementunlocked )

a simple morning call from you, plain polaroid pictures with you make my day and i’m not sure how to feel about it that. would i get hurt going down this road? i’m thinking yes. but would i regret it if i took a step back? most definitely. perhaps you may cock up somewhere down the road and i’d end up being the one hurt but maybe all that matters is we had today (maybe)

can’t believe i’m calling jc days simple but compared to the shit that’s been going on recently, jc days were so so simple. can’t wait till our mini reunion hehe :3

and i guess after all, life still moves on


11 Sep 2014


"We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds."

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chapter 4

waking up at 2am to complete assignments and staying awake till 8am lectures is something i guess i’ll get used to #ilovecollegelife #nonotreally

can’t wait till breakfast!!!!

in the meanwhile i come across depressing shit that people post at 4am hahaha oh wells

moving on and on and on

one day we’ll brush shoulders like strangers do

last day of week 4 and it seems like things are settling down :) although there’s a group presentation in a couple of weeks and a 1200 word essay due in 2 days (which i have not started on) oops

i should also do my laundry soon

caffeine intake has increased exponentially since i found out that starbucks downstairs is opened around the clock :) 

i wanna go back and visit rwinds but i’m also forever occupied siannnn ):

still waiting for breakfast sobz food

considering switching workplaces haha like koi is fun and near and all but still need to travel. compared to utown starbucks heh. #lifedecisions

didn’t think i’d be involved in this kind of politics but in the spirit of fighting for what you want, i think it was worth it HAHA.

cocky ignorant shit

to go for noc or sep omg i need to make up my mind (to slack and travel and have fun or to do work and be productive) T.T

apologies for this incoherent pile of junk haha i haven’t done any sort of writing since forever thank you faculty of engineering

5 Sep 2014

sem 1 week 2

second week of school has just ended and i’ve already screwed things over oh well haha life is so exciting

engin & biz bash were both memorable experiences but….maybe i should stop drinking. just maybe. counted 5/13 nights since school started :)))

thought i’d have a slightly easier time cos i’m taking 3 engin mods and just 2 readings based mods (soci and seminar) but NO i’ve like 2 to 3 readings per week for those mods and they’re freaking heavy. i’m spending like half an hour on each reading ._. have no idea why i’m still considering taking a minor in sociology but i guess i can just declare and try for it anyway haha no harm

programming sucks balls and that’s that. maths sucks balls too because it’s kinda hard and i hate not having a subject that i can guarantee my grades i really hate the feeling. haven’t started on any physics work yet sooooooo we’ll see (probably will not turn out well considering i can’t even remember what topic chapter one is)

so probably the question that comes to mind is, what the fuck have i been doing in the past two weeks of school. there’s work lololol been working on the weekends. there’s also engin club campaigning which is fucking stressful because i need votes and i don’t know many people ._. hopefully my campaigning points are alright so that i don’t have to rely that much on the votes HAHA. hopefully. besides that hmmmmm oh printing notes and tutorials and assignments and readings took one whole afternoon cos it was like 300 pages of stuff and i spent like 12 bucks on it LOL. besides that i guess i’ve just been slacking whoops. time to buck up!!

tembusu/utown’s a life saver i have no idea what i’d do without having the qw/cheryl around for me to run to when i need help (and the drinking helps a little ahem) like last night when i was just drunk emoing and bugging qw/th for help HAHA #bestfreshieaward

work is such a great escape from everything :)

okay bye i have two hours to do tutorials followed by four hours of campaign stuff and then five hours of work LOL praying that i wake up early tomorrow

24 August 2014


U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

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"You never get over it. But you get to where it doesn’t bother you so much."

- The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (via emilywantshappiness)

(via emilywantshappiness)

oh how i wonder/wander

why are people still visiting this blog it’s been dead for AGES hahaha i haven’t properly posted in three months oh dear

the boy is in essen without wifi LIFE SUCKS #firstworldproblems

work has been kind :) but can’t wait to start school stuff in a week haha woohoo! not sure how i’m gonna find the time to work after school starts but i really can’t bear to leave the place ): but then again apparently lots of people that i’m close to are leaving the place too so :x sigh life moves on so fast

been checking my mail more than facebook for updates is that a sign of growing up hahahaha. also i think worrying for something bigger than yourself is… humbling.

feel like i should be saying more after a 3 month hiatus but… i really can’t think of anything that needs to be updated ._. HAHA i have no life seriously it’s work everyday for me with the occasional friends

OH that reminds me bryan is back from US haha so we had a 6R reunion of course we have reunions for everything. how is it that we are even so close i don’t understand cos we have so little in common. mega thanks to mr goh i think he was the reason we started going out in the first place and that habit just stuck? like he was always demanding for our outings then not coming along with us last minute. every. single. time. coming to think of it, maybe it was just some grand plan of his to make sure that we stay close for a lifetime HAHA cos it definitely feels like it’s gonna stay that way. i mean we have boys in ns and girls studying overseas and everything and we still manage to have meet ups. can’t think of anything that’ll stop us from having reunions after we start working and having families and everything. like seriously. 

okay looking too far into the future lets come back to the reason i’m writing this shit at one forty in the morning.

……..i have no idea why i’m writing this shit at one forty in the morning

why doesn’t he have wifi in essen sobz

on a side note, possible JC class reunion happening soon yay

europe europe europe what happened to spain plans!!!!

9 June 2014

okay this is freaking ridiculously i’ve been dreaming of the same freaking thing like twenty times and everytime the same thing happens in a different way like i wouldn’t even see it coming and if it’s a reflection of what i’m truly afraid of then :/ when did i get so attached


hello world ahahahaha back from the dead

haven’t updated in two months ++ omg but my life is super boring anyway

am updating because i’m doing uni apps now and it’s making me so frustrated so i have like three tabs sitting on my chrome waiting for me to click the ‘apply now’ buttons for ntu and smu and i think of all the stuff that i had to enter for the nus app and i’m like nahhhhh maybe later so here i am (half hoping the app will just miraculously do itself)


went for lunch with hc today hahaha quote of the day: why is only the left side of your hair growing 



pasta was good hehe satisfied my pasta craving yayyyyy

i’ve also been working at koi since the last week of january, more specifically at the clementi branch so pls do visit me work gets boring at times (like in the morning when one customer comes by maybe every five minutes). will be working there full time till uni starts so i’ve still got a longgggg time (:(

hmm what else have i been doing

visited jiayi and others at the ntu cp competition at the beginning of jan haha watching cp is really quite fun (i wouldn’t want to play though… the thought of capsizing freezes me)

watched smu’s samba masala concert a couple of weeks ago with deb haha it was not bad :) one of a kind concert!

on a side note i think my legs are getting thicker from standing all day HAHAHA while my arms are getting skinnier oops (like i’d rather be fat than disproportionate damn)

maybe i’ll clean up the room and bathe and get dinner and then start on uni apps okay bye x

9 Mar 2014